Project Aakaar 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation Session No. 8

Project Aakaar 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation Session No. 8 

Project Aakaar 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation 

Session no: 8 

Date: 08/09/2018

Time: 10:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. 

Lecturer: Mr. Abhishek Pandurangi 

Supported by:  Abdul Hakim Ansari and Betsy Varghese

Beneficiaries: Std 9th Girls 

Topic: Importance of Creativity and Innovation in life

Details: Lawyer by Profession and Artist at heart Mr. Abhishek Pandurangi took 8th session of Project Aakaar on 'Creativity and Innovation'. Using various examples, stories and case studies he introduced students to process of creative and innovative thinking.With some live activities he made student think in innovative way and express their creativity. Group exercise was carried out in which students discussed various method to reduce the traffic. Abhishek discussed many creative people and their work to inspire students to develop Creative and Innovative mind. 



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