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Birthday party for kids of street Childrens.

To keep memories of her love alive, Krisha Sonkar celebrates birthday of her late friend sagar with NGO kids. This year she celebrated it in Umang Foundation Tuust's street children school in Santacruz. Thanks to Fatima for her support. Without her we could not arrange such birthday party where children had so much of fun. Ashwamedh rajendra and Ashwamedh Hakim helped Krisha for arrangement.

Ashwamedh foundation news article.

Today on 29th January 2014 Ashwamedh Foundation completed its one year as registered organization. Thanks to Rajendra Balsara for this wonderful gift to our team. SindhuDurg supplement of leading Marathi newspaper Loksatta covered our Event in Malvan,here is the newspaper article about us.

अश्वमेध फाउण्डेशन, विरार

अश्वमेध फॉउंडेशन  ही एक सामाजिक संस्था असून विरार-वसई परिसरात कार्यरत आहे. अश्वमेध फॉउंडेशन ही बालविकास आणि शैक्षणिक क्षेत्रात क्षेत्रात अनेक उपक्रम राबविते. कळविण्यास आनंद होत आहे कि आज दिनांक २९ जानेवारी रोजी ही संस्था आपले एक  वर्ष पूर्ण करीत आहे.

Ashwamedh Foundation's Clothes Distribution Event of SindhuDurg

Ashwamedh Foundation carried out an event in SindhuDurg on 21st January under the leadership of our NGO Manager Rajendra Balsara. We distributed clothes donated by you (donors) to 70 kids in Fatima Ashram. Local volunteers Sushant, Mitali,Prathmesh,Chaitali,Mahesh helped us in this good cause.

Medical Awareness camp.

Today on 8th January 2013 Ashwamedh Foundation carried out it's first Medical Awareness Camp of the year 2014 (3rd of the financial year 2013-14). 60 Women in Vakola,Santacruz (E) took benefit of this camp guided by Dietitian ( Tanvi Ghadavale,  Ronia Thomas  Krithika Sathyanarayanan Ruchita Desai ), and  our NGO Manager Rajendra Balsara. Dietitians explained various nutritional  aspects, bone weakening, causes and effects  related issues, solutions, exercises etc to two batches of 30 women each.