Ashwamedh Foundation is an NGO working in Child Education and Development Sector in Maharashtra since 2012. Mr. Deepak Doddamani founded Ashwamedh Foundation with some of his students and like-minded friends to carry out Social Work in Education sector. 

          Ashwamedh Foundation started taking various lectures, seminars, competitions etc. for students in its initial stage. During an Essay competition on Marathi Rajyabhasa Diwas in 2013, we came across the harsh reality of Education System of India. Students from Std. 8th couldn't even write properly. Most of them just copied the essays from others and that too with similar spelling and grammatical mistakes. They couldn't even write Marathi which is their Mothertongue and first language in School. When we discussed it with their Principal she told us that she is aware of the situation. She blamed this on the decision of Government to keep promoting everyone to next standards till 8th Std. She also explained that most of the students who pass out 7th Std from Municipal School nearby join their School in 8th Standard. Their condition is worst. They can't even recognize the words. School teaches them from Alphabets by taking extra classes for them. Our team was completely shocked and decided to do something about this issue. It is when we decided to start a Project on basic literacy which we named as 'PROJECT ANKUR'.

    First Project Ankur took place towards 2013 in Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay, School in Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E) of Mumbai. We decided to take 20 lectures of 2 hrs each to teach students Basics of Alphabets, Numbers, Vowels, Words and finally sentence formation. We gave more focus on reading and writing skills of Children. As the name suggests 'Project Ankur' focusses on Students of Std. 5th to 7th. Catch them young and it will be easier to shape their future properly. We recruited one Project Co-ordinator for Project Ankur and  Project Aakaar to execute our plan properly. Project Co-ordinator worked under the guidance of our Operations Head and Managing Trustee. We got very good results for the first project in 2013. So we decided to replicate the same Project at many different schools for different students. In 20 lectures we managed to build their academic foundation properly so that when they enter their 8th Std. they are well prepared to study further without any difficulty. 

We are really thankful to Donors who donate to PROJECT ANKUR of Ashwamedh Foundation and help us continue to carry out the Project Ankur everywhere successfully. Thank you