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A session on Vedic Maths was conducted by Ashwamedh Foundation at Mulinche Samarth Vidhyalaya. The session was started by Ms.Anjali followed by Ms.Betsy, Mr.Abdul, and Ms.Sneha, where they taught about the various methods of multiplication which would make it easier for students to do calculations and would help them to score well in maths. The session ended up with the revision of overall topics covered. Students really enjoyed the session and were excited about the next session. *Date:* 23/02/19 *Venue:* Mulinche Samarth Vidhyalaya
*Attendees today:* Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari Ms.Sneha Sharma Mr.Jitendra Patel Ms.Anjali Nair Ms.Betsy Varghese

After the session, Ms.Anjali Nair was awarded with the Certificate and the Letter of Recommendation for carrying out the Social Media campaign of Ashwamedh Foundation for 3 months Oct-Dec 2018 successfully 

Registration Day celebration with Team Ashwamedh Foundation

Registration Celebration with Team Ashwamedh FoundationAshwamedh Foundation was founded on 1st August 2012 and it got registered on 29th January 2013. 29th January 2019 being week-day, we decided to meet on Sunday night of 27th January for Team dinner and celebrate the registration day of Ashwamedh Foundation in advance.
      Ms. Betsy Varghese completed her 3-months Internship with Ashwamedh Foundation. She was awarded with the completion certificate of Internship by her guide Mr. Jitendra Patel and Stipend from New President Ms. Sneha Sharma. 
After the dinner, we had a brief discussion about the upcoming activities and future plans of Ashwamedh Foundation. Sharing some pictures with everyone here. 

Career Guidance Workshop by Ashwamedh Foundation for Support NGO students

Career Guidance Workshop by Ashwamedh Foundation for Support NGO students   On 11th January 2019, Team Ashwamedh Foundation carried out Career Guidance Workshop for Children at Support NGO, Vakola, Santacruz. Sharing some pictures with you here.

Christmas & New Year Celebration Party with Children at Ashwamedh Foundation Education Center, Murbad

On the 30th Dec 2018, Ashwamedh Foundation team celebrated Christmas and New Year with Children in Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center, Murbad. Abdul, Shena, Jitendra were accompanied by volunteers Betsy, Shubhangi, Priyanka and Chirag. Sharing some pictures of the activity with you. Happy New Year 2019 to you all.