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A session on Vedic Maths was conducted by Ashwamedh Foundation at Mulinche Samarth Vidhyalaya. The session was started by Ms.Anjali followed by Ms.Betsy, Mr.Abdul, and Ms.Sneha, where they taught about the various methods of multiplication which would make it easier for students to do calculations and would help them to score well in maths. The session ended up with the revision of overall topics covered. Students really enjoyed the session and were excited about the next session. *Date:* 23/02/19 *Venue:* Mulinche Samarth Vidhyalaya
*Attendees today:* Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari Ms.Sneha Sharma Mr.Jitendra Patel Ms.Anjali Nair Ms.Betsy Varghese

After the session, Ms.Anjali Nair was awarded with the Certificate and the Letter of Recommendation for carrying out the Social Media campaign of Ashwamedh Foundation for 3 months Oct-Dec 2018 successfully