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Project Ankur 2018 Lecture No.2 at Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center in Murbad

Project Ankur 2018 Lecture No.2 at  Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center in MurbadAshwamedh Foundation started operations at its Murbad NGO Center on 4th Aug 2018. On 5th August 2018 in second lecture of Project Ankur Mr. Deepak Doddamani revised whatver was taught in first lecture. Then he went ahead to teach 30+ English word (3-alphabets) ending with -AR, -AT and -AN. He taught them Nursery Rhyme 'London Bridge' and children enjoyed singing it loudly... 
Ashwamedh Foundation is thankful to all the donors who helped us start this center. Thank you 

Project Ankur 2018 Lecture No.1 at Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center in Murbad

Project Ankur 2018 Lecture No.1 at  Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center in Murbad
  Ashwamedh Foundation inaugurated it's NGO Center at Murbad, Thane on 22nd July 2018. On 4th August 2018 we started operations in  our 'Ashwamedh Foundation's Education Center' in Murbad, Thane. Mr. Govind Dodamani, Hon'ble Trustee of Ashwamedh Foundation and our Friend Victoria visited our NGO Center on this day. They distributed Biscuit packs to all the children there. 20 Children from Adivasi Pada attended this first Lecture of Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation. Most of them came walking 25-30 min.just to attend this lecture. Hats off to them. These children study in Marathi Medium Jilha Parishad School Murbad. 
   In this lecture Mr. Deepak Doddamani, Founder and Managing Trustee of Ashwamedh Foundation interacted with children, asked them what they learn in School. Made them recite Tables from 2 to 15. Marathi Barakhadi A-Z, Nursery Rhymes like Johny Johny etc.  He taugh…

Make your Life Worth Loving : 2nd Volunteers Registration Drive of 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation

Make your Life worth 'Loving'
     What differentiates human being from other living beings? No, it is not 'intelligence'. It is their capacity to 'Love' and 'conserve' living and non-living things this planet earth has to offer. When you love animals, you fight against cruelty with them. When you love environment, you fight for its preservation. And when you love humanity, you stand up for every human being who has been denied of basic human rights. With love you can conquer the world. We at Ashwamedh Foundation believe in this philosophy that 'Love is Powerful'. Our Tag Line itself says 'let us conquer our world through love'. We work for Children because we love children. We love their innocence and purity. We care for them and want them to grow in very good citizen of our Nation 'Mother India'. Since it's inception from 1st August 2012, Ashwamedh Foundation has been working relentlessly for the Education and Development of…

Project Aakaar 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation Session No. 3

Project Aakaar by Ashwamedh Foundation Session No. 3

Ashwamedh Foundation is an NGO working in Child Education and Development Sector since 1st August 2012. Project Ankur and Project Aakaar are flagship programs of Ashwamedh Foundation. Project Aakaar is basically Personality Development Course.  This year we are carrying out Project Aakaar for 9th Std. students of Mulinche Samarth Vidyalay, Santacruz (E). In the 3rd Session of Project Aakaar on 30th July 2018, Mr. Shailesh Solanki started topic Communication Skills in which he covered Verbal, Non Verbal communication, Gestures and Body Language and Group Discussion etc. Abdul, Jitendra and Betsy supported him in this lecture.