Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 20

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no.20

Ashwamedh Foundation team is really thankful to all the donors who donated to Project Ankur. This was our 3rd year of Project Ankur. Students have definitely got benefited by our Flagship Program Project Ankur. 
This Project was carried out under the guidance of trustees Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari & Mr. Jitendra Patel. Project Co-ordinator Ms. Blessy Varghese handled all 20 sessions very well under the guidance of our Vice President and Operations head Ms. Sneha Sharma. 
We are thankful to Mrs. Das Madam, Mrs. Vartak Madam and all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay for providing us all the support needed to complete this project.

We are thankful to our Donors, who are supporting us to carry on our Social work and keeping Ashwamedh Foundation 'alive and working'. It's only because of your love and support we have survived for more than 5 years.
Keep supporting us ! Because together we can 'Conquer our World with Love.' 💐
- Mr. Deepak Doddamani 
Founder and President (acting) 
Ashwamedh Foundation