Bible Parables: Morale story for Kids

 Bible Parables: Morale story for Kids (Project Aakaar) 

Rich Fool(Luke 12:16-21)
Once upon a time there was a certain rich man who had a very big farm.
There was a great harvest that year and his workers gathered lots of grain.-"How blessed I am! I am Rich!"-exclaimed this rich man.Suddenly one of his workers came to him:- "Sir, you've had such a good harvest. Can you spare a few bags of grain for our families?"-"No, I have to keep all I have for myself!"He thinks:-"But what shall I do? The harvest was so great that I have no room to store it in my barns.-Oh, no!! I may have to give some away!-Aha! I know what I'll do! …-I will pull down my old barns...-...and I will build bigger  barns!.... -I will say to my soul,"Soul, you have many riches stored up for many years. Take it easy, eat, drink, and be merry!";But God said to him.You fool! Tonight you will die! Then what are you going to do with all those things that you have stored up?That night he died in his sleep and he had to leave it all behind.-But...But...But, my plans!-My harvest, my barns!He could not take all those riches with him.The only way you can take your money with you when you die is if you send it on ahead.How you can do it?By tithing, sharing it with others.You can help orphans & send your money on ahead!