Daan Utsav 2022 Events by Ashwamedh Foundation


Daan Utsav 2022 Events by 

Ashwamedh Foundation


       Daan Utsav, a culture of Ashwamedh Foundation

  Daan Utsav, earlier known as the Joy of Giving Week is India's biggest philanthropic Festival started by some eminent personalities in the year 2009. Daan Utsav is part of Ashwamedh Foundation's culture from the very first year. Every year Team Ashwamedh starts planning for DU well before 1 Month. This year too we have plans ready. Ashwamedh Foundation carried out Daan Utsav in collaboration with many NGOs, Schools and Colleges in the past. We helped many needy people through our initiatives.

     A review of past Daan Utsav celebrations at Ashwamedh Foundation

          Ruia College, Sathey College, Alkesh Dinesh Modi Institute, Samarath Vidyalaya, IDBI quarters etc. were our collaborators in the past. We helped J&K Flood victims, Nepal Earthquake victims, Chennai Flood victims, and Covid-suffered people in past. We donated clothes, food parcels, ration, books, utensils, etc. to various places like Prem Daan NGO, Asha Daan NGO, AFKC Centre, J & K Migrants on Bandra Railways, Slums of Kandivali and Kurla and so on. 

     Daan Utsav events by Ashwamedh Foundation in the year 2022

This year, Ashwamedh Foundation has collaborated with Dalmia College of Malad and Viva College of Virar for the Daan Utsav 2022. With the help of Students, Faculties and other members of colleges, we will held Collection Drives in the Institute premises. Whatever donations we will get, we will distribute amongst the needy people in some Distribution drives. Ashwamedh Foundation works for underprivileged children through its flagship programs like Project Ankur (Education), Project Aakar (Development) and Project Aagaaz (Computer literacy Program). We collect donations in kind only during Daan Utsav. Here is your chance to experience the Joy of giving. In Indian culture Daan has very special significance. Its a tool through which one can reduce his/her Ego and reduce some burdens on the soul. Daan helps in purifying the soul and gives immense joy and satisfaction. 

Come, Participate in Daan Utsav 2022 with Ashwamedh Foundation.        

   List of Items which you can donate during Daan Utsav 2022

Contact Mr. Jitendra Patel (9987926878), Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari (9821328364) for more details.