Daan Utsav 2022 meeting

'Daan Utsav 2022' meeting 

   'Daan Utsav' formerly knows as 'Joy of Giving Week' is the biggest philanthropic festival of India. It starts on 2nd Oct and ends on 8th Oct. NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Offices etc. institutes celebrated this Festival of Giving back to the Society every year in the first week of October month. Daan Utsav is integral part of Ashwamedh Foundation since its inception. 
      In the past Ashwamedh Foundation NGO collaborated with Colleges like Ruia, Alkesh Dinesh Modi Institute, Sathe College, etc. for this festival. We helped J & K flood victims, Nepal Earthquake victims and many needy people through whatever we could collect during the Daan Utsav. During Covid-times we helped underprivileged people with Grains, Medicines etc. thanks to Donors who donated us during the Daan Utsav. 
     This year Ashwamedh Foundation has collaborated with Dalmia College for Daan Utsav 2022. President of Ashwamedh Foundation Ms. Sneha Sharma handed over confirmation letter to team leader of students Eesha during the meeting. Core Members of Ashwamedh Foundation guided students about Daan Utsav in the meeting and also took inputs from them. Students attended this meeting on 11th Sept 2022 at Ashwamedh Foundation's Knowledge Center, Vasai. They also interacted with the children of our NGO and carried out some fun activities. 
        We request all our Well-wishers and Donors to support us to make Daan Utsav 2022 as successful and impactful as previous years. You can contact Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari - In Charge of Daan Utsav on 9769806731