Grain Donation Drive in Savande Village by Ashwamedh Foundation

Grain donation drive by Ashwamedh Foundation in Savande Village.

Ration donation by Ashwamedh Foundation in Karjat, Kalyan, Bhiwandi etc. areas during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

 Ashwamedh Foundation donated ration to needy people during Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from Vasai and Santacruz, we also donated ration to some remote areas in Kalyan and Karjat by doing tie-ups with local NGOs. In Bhiwandi and adjacent areas our President Ms Sneha Sharma, Treasurer Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari themselves visited and distributed the ration kits. People were really grateful as they were really suffering due to Covid lockdowns and for them this ration would become relief for at least next few days to come.