Volunteer Speaks: Ruturaj Gaykar

 Empowerment of Underprivileged Children & Youth Through Quality Education

Ruturaj Gaykar, a Civil Engineering student of SGGS Nanded completed one-month internship with Ashwamedh Foundation in June 2019. Founder and Managing Trustee of Ashwamedh Foundation Mr. Deepak Doddamani took induction lecture of Ruturaj Gaykar and Telson Lobo, a Volunteer who joined Ashwamedh Foundation on the third session of Project Ankur 2019 in Ashwamedh Foundation's Knowledge Center, Pelhar, Vasai.

The Main Objectives of Ruturaj's Project was 
1) To identify the nature and types of activities of Ashwamedh Foundation
2) To study the planning, implementation, allocation of funds of Ashwamedh Foundation
3) To ascertain the nature and coordination among the NGO and Volunteers in projects
4) To measure the impact of the project on the beneficiaries

     Ruturaj started his work with Ashwamedh Foundation on 9th June 2019 and completed his project with us on 5th July 2019. He was a good student who showed an interest in learning and understanding the work of Volunteering. Right from cleaning the center to distributing snacks to children he did everything expected from a Volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundation. He participated in the games which we played with children of Support NGO on Support Got Talent event. He helped Project Coordinator in teaching children during Project Ankur sessions which took place during June month. 

This is What Ruturaj Gaykar has to say about Ashwamedh Foundation. 

"Working with Ashwamedh Foundation for my NGO Project I understood that it is very important to 'Give Back' to Society. Team Members of Ashwamedh Foundation are all working Professional from diverse fields but they make sure to come to Center and teach underprivileged children. Ashwamedh Foundation's Knowledge Center' is very far from the Vasai Railways station and children there don't have enough facilities for getting quality Education. Most of them leave their Schools after 8th Standard as they can't afford the Education. Ashwamedh Foundation provides quality Education in its center to all these children in Worker's Basti of Pelhar area. I am really inspired by the kindness, love and determination with which they are doing this noble cause. After working with Ashwamedh Foundation I can assure that 'Future of World is in good hands". 

 Ashwamedh Foundation is thankful to Ruturaj Gaykar for these kind words. We are grateful to all those students who approach us for their Individual Social Responsibility Projects or Internships with NGO. We expect honesty and dedication from Students the way Ruturaj showed. 

Here are some pictures of Ruturaj at work.  

Induction Lecture by Deepak Doddamani