Project Ankur Lecture Number 6 at AFKC, Vasai

Event - Shreyas Birthday Celebration
Date - 30th June 2019
Venue - Vasai Centre
Attendees - Deepak Doddamani, Abdul Ansari, Jitendra Patel, Sneha Sharma, Ruturaj Gaykar and Shreyas Raut

There is no better feeling in life other than seeing children smile because of you @Shreyas Raut.

One of our wellwishers, @Shreyas Raut celebrated his bday with children of Ashwamedh Foundation (Vasai center) on 30th June 2019. As soon as Shreyas entered the center, students surprised him with B'day song which was then followed by meditation, cake cutting, dancing, snacks distribution, etc. This lovely celebration ended with children thanking Shreyas with a token of love.