Make your Life Worth Loving : 2nd Volunteers Registration Drive of 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation

Make your Life worth 'Loving'

     What differentiates human being from other living beings? No, it is not 'intelligence'. It is their capacity to 'Love' and 'conserve' living and non-living things this planet earth has to offer. When you love animals, you fight against cruelty with them. When you love environment, you fight for its preservation. And when you love humanity, you stand up for every human being who has been denied of basic human rights. With love you can conquer the world. We at Ashwamedh Foundation believe in this philosophy that 'Love is Powerful'. Our Tag Line itself says 'let us conquer our world through love'. We work for Children because we love children. We love their innocence and purity. We care for them and want them to grow in very good citizen of our Nation 'Mother India'. Since it's inception from 1st August 2012, Ashwamedh Foundation has been working relentlessly for the Education and Development of Unprivileged Children. Apart from our core team, we always got support from many Volunteers who worked with us in these 6 years. Most of these volunteers were students who gave their precious time to Social Work. We are really thankful to all our Volunteers who contributed immensely for the growth of Ashwamedh Foundation. Because of you we could create some Social Impact with the beneficiaries for whom we worked.  We could help hundred of students in these years all thanks to you. 

    Ashwamedh Foundation carries out Volunteer Registration Drive twice in a year. First on 26th January (Republic Day of India) to 29th January (Registration Day of Ashwamedh Foundation) AND then Second registration drive from 1st August (Foundation Day of Ashwamedh Foundation) to 15th August (Independence Day of Ashwamedh Foundation). We run 'MAKE YOUR LIFE WORTH LOVING' campaign during this period. Every year many volunteers join us during this period. Fortunately every year we get some Gems who shape Ashwamedh Foundation through their consistent hardwork and immense contribution. This year Ms. Blessy Varghese became the 'Gem of Ashwamedh Foundation' due to her active participation in all the activities and projects during the period of 1 yr (1st August 2017 to 31st July 2018). We have offered her MEMBERSHIP of Ashwamedh Foundation today. Blessy not only volunteered for Ashwamedh Foundation but also handled Project Ankur as Project Co-ordinator in the last financial year. Congratulations to Blessy for becoming the BEST VOLUNTEER OF ASHWAMEDH FOUNDATION for the year 2017-18. We are really proud of you. 



You too can become registered volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundation.  Please go through this PPT to know more about our Volunteers Registration Drive for 2018.