Help Ashwamedh Foundation start its first NGO Center in Murbaad

Help Ashwamedh Foundation start its first NGO Center

Hey Friends, 

  Ashwamedh Foundation is an NGO working in Child Education and development field since its inception on 1st Aug 2012. We have completed 5 years few months ago but unfortunately couldn't start our own NGO centre in last 5 year. We run Project Ankur  (Education) and Project Aakaar (Personality Development), our flagship programs for underprivileged children. Last 5 year we worked with many NGOs and vernacular medium schools from Santacruz Mumbai. 

   One of our friend and donor has allowed us to start our first NGO Center in his Farm House in Murbaad. We will be mobilizing students from local area and help them in their education and development in that center. We request you to support us in raising Operations Cost of running the NGO Center for the First year. Murbaad is remote and rural area, 1 hr  away from Kalyan station. Our NGO center will serve children from that area completely FREE. We won't charge any fees to students. NGO Center won't generate any income and it will be run entirely on the Donations received from generous people like you. 

Kindly support this fund raiser by donating to our noble cause. 

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We are grateful for your support !

Thanking you, 
Founder and President 
Ashwamedh Foundation