Donors Speaks : Monika Singh about DAAN UTSAV 2014

              Donors Speaks: Monika Singh about Daan Utsav

            Monika Singh, HR Manager in healthcare industry donated clothes to Ashwamedh Foundation during Daan Utsav 2014. She is a well wisher of Ashwamedh Foundation since its inception. You can read her view about Daan Utsav and Ashwamedh Foundation below the pictures 

Rajendra Balsara and Monika Singh

Founder of Ashwamedh Foundation Mr, Deepak Doddamani with Monika Singh

                                             DONORS SPEAKS: DAAN UTSAV 2014 

There are rich among the poor and poor among the rich,..All that matters is a 'big heart' and generous nature....if you don't know how to give and share, your life is meaningless, You aren't living; you are just surviving . 

You guys (team Ashwamedh Foundation) are really doing fantabulous job. It feels great to do something for the underprivileged people. If we can bring even a little difference in the lives of underprivileged people by our thoughts or actions, it feels great. Half of our life will be accomplished. 

- Monika Singh, HR Manager