Daan Utsav 2014 : JOY OF GIVING WEEK FESTIVAL 2014

                           DAAN UTSAV : JOY OF GIVING WEEK 2014

       Ashwamedh Foundation has made Joy of Giving Week Festival part of it's culture since 2013. This year Joy of Giving Week Festival was known by alternate name 'Daan Utsav' also. In Indian culture 'Daan' has great significance. Daan literally means 'giving something without expecting anything in return'. Daan increases compassion and brotherhood between donor and receiver; it brings smiles on faces of both. Donor gets satisfaction from giving and receiver feels grateful and faithful about humanity in people around him.So it's more of a win-win situation. When a 'sansari' person earns livelihood by doing some job or business; it gives birth to 'ego'; so daan also serves as a powerful tool to diminish ego and make donor humble and polite about his achievements. 

          Ashwamedh Foundation collected Clothes, Stationery Items, Notebooks, and many other important things for needy people from donors who genuinely donated last year. We distributed it to children of street school of Umang Foundation, Destitutes of Airoli, Nashik and Byculla through Missionary of Mother Teresa in Byculla named 'Asha Daan' Ngo, Fatima ashram of Malvan, Sindhu-Durg etc. 

     This year too we collected donations in kinds and money during the Daan Utsav 2014. Many friends came forward to support our cause by contributing to it. We will be posting about them in upcoming posts. Sharing the images of the Campaign this year below: