Pooja Verma speaks about Ashwamedh Foundation

                                                VOLUNTEERS SPEAKS :03

Pooja Verma volunteered for the activity in Asha Daan
                                             Pooja Verma speaks about Ashwamedh Foundation

       My Sunday Morning started with an awesome journey with Ashwamedh Foundation.
Visited 'Asha Daan' with 'Team Ashwamedh'.Witnessed heart-touching moments in Asha Daan. This activity taught me many things about life. It brought a great change in my thinking and my nature.

Yesterday I came to know the meaning of 'real smile' which was clearly seen on the faces of those needy people.More than anything else they need 'love'.

"Just giving a minute of your time can bring smiles on 'N numbers' of those little angels

What is the meaning of 'real social work', I realized it after working with Ashwamedh Foundation.

Thanks a lot for making me part of the Ashwamedh Foundation team and giving me an opportunity to do my bit for the Society

- Pooja Verma