Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation at AFKC Vasai

Project Ankur Session by Ashwamedh Foundation 

Project Ankur sessions from 17 December, 2023 were full of creativity, arts & learning. 

Little Hearts ❤ had their 17th session with 21 students. 
Topic: Craft- puppy face

Sunshine ☀️ had their 17th session too with 18 students. 
Topic: Craft-puppy face & moral story

Ninja 💫 had their 16th session with 24 students. 
Topic: Science:-4. Animal & their food habits

*Project given to Ninja students:-(3 students per project)*
1.Solar system
2.Rotation & Revolution of earth
3.Layers of atmosphere
4.water cycle with magnet
6.water filtration process
7. Food chain
8.Light,Shadow, Reflection
Submission date for project :- 24 December 2023

Team - Pratibha, Aayushi,Aanchal, Khushi.

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