Yearly Volunteers Meeting 2022 by Ashwamedh Foundation

       YVM 2022 by Ashwamedh Foundation

On 25th Dec 2022, Ashwamedh Foundation's yearly volunteers meeting took place in AFKC Vasai. After YVM'22 we celebrated Christmas with the children of our center, volunteers,visitors and members of Ashwamedh Foundation. 

Anchal Yadav was awarded with rising star for the year 2022 and Lucky Rai was awarded the Shining Star 2022 award for her performance in year 2022. Mrs Pratibha ji was felicitated for being the best Performer teacher of the year while Ritesh sir was promoted as Center head of AFKC Vasai. Project Aagaaz was selected as the best Project of the year and team of Computer Basic Course was awarded for their excellent work. Apart from these awards, Students who completed Project Aakaar were given Completion Certificate. 

Founder Mr. Deepak Doddamani Sir addressed team online. Hemalata Tiwari, Founder of Swaradhar also guided the team and congratulated for completing 10 years. Nidhi Ghosalia too attended YVM online. All the members, volunteers shared their experience of working with Ashwamedh Foundation in the meeting. We thanked Volunteers for their contribution.

After the VYM got over, we celebrated Christmas with children. Nisha dressed as SantaClauz added more fun to Christmas Party.  Sharing pictures of the same.