Registration Day celebration of Ashwamedh Foundation | Birthday Celebrations of Ayan | Re-opening of AFKC Vasai after renovations

Registration Day celebrations 

 Ashwamedh Foundation was founded on 1st August 2012 by Mr. Deepak Doddamani with some of his friends and students. It got registered as Charitable Society on 29th January 2013 and Public Trust in July 2013. We celebrate Foundation Day and Registration Day every year. On 31st January 2021, we celebrated our Registration Day at Ashwamedh Foundation's Knowledge Center, (AFKC) Vasai.  

   On the same day, a donor named Ayan celebrated his birthday with Kids of AFKC. We are thankful to him for spending his important day for the charity. Our President Sneha Sharma, Treasurer Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari, Volunteers Telston, Shivkumar, Nitin were present with us. Other attendees Savia and Sweety helped in carrying out the Birthday celebration properly. Ashwamedh Foundation encourages people to participate in the running of the AFKC center by donating and volunteering.