Speeches by Volunteers at Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018 of Ashwamedh Foundation

Speeches by Volunteers

 at Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018 of Ashwamedh Foundation

    On 11th November 2018, Ashwamedh Foundation carried out Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018 in Auditorium of Garware Institute in Mumbai University, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 98. Volunteers shared their feedbacks in their speeches and promised to contribute towards the Social Causes of Ashwamedh Foundation. 

1) Mr. Amit Pandey, Digital Marketing Faculty at NIIT Bandra attended Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018 with his wife. Amit gave a fantastic speech in which he shared how good he felt after listening to the work of the Ashwamedh Foundation. Mrs. Pandey shared how emotional she gets when she comes across Street children. Both of them showed interest in becoming Volunteers of Ashwamedh Foundation 

2) Mrs. Reshma came with Mrs.Anita Sanctis to attend the DVM'18. She expressed her willingness to join the Ashwamedh Foundation as a Volunteer. 

3) Ms.Rohini Pillai, Sr Volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundation shared her experience of working with Ashwamedh Foundation with New Volunteers. Rohini was Volunteers of the year 2016-2017. She encouraged to all to become part of the growth of Ashwamedh Foundation.

4) Mrs. Anita Sanctis is a Well-wisher of Ashwamedh Foundation and a regular Donor. She attended the Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018. She promised that she will remain an integral part of Ashwamedh Foundation and will keep supporting us in years to come. 

5) Master Asim came all the way from Nalasopara to attend the Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018. He is the youngest Volunteer to Join Ashwamedh Foundation. He is 9th Std student and already involved in Social work in Nalasopara area.

6) Mr. Chirag Gohil, an Alumni of Garware Institute arranged Auditorium of Ashwamedh Foundation for or Diwali Volunteers Meeting 2018. He has registered with us as Volunteer recently and has already started working. We are thankful to him for providing us such a great place for DVM18.