Congratulations to 3rd batch of Certificate Course in Personality Development by Ashwamedh Foundation under Project Aakaar

Congratulations to the 3rd batch of Certificate Course in Personality Development by Ashwamedh Foundation under Project Aakaar for completing the course successfully. 

      Ashwamedh Foundation started Project Aakaar in 2014 for the overall development of Children. We decided to take various Certificate Courses for Skills and Personality Development of Children. First Batch took place in Raje Sambhaji Vidyalay in Golibar for Std. 10th students in 2014. After that we took our Second batch in Mulinche Samarth Vidyalaya in 2016. This was the 3rd Batch of Certificate Course in Personality Development which took place in 2018. In 10 Sessions (mostly on Saturdays) we covered topics like Value Education (Shailesh Solanki), Communication (Shailesh Solanki), Time Management (Blessy Varghese), Stress Management ( Lenin Samuel), English Speaking (Namrata Kuril), Creativity and Innovation (Abhishek Pandurangi), Financial Literacy (Jatin Shah), Self Defensive MindSet (Jarina Attar and Kajal Das), Motivational Lecture (Deepak Doddamani) and Revision (Sneha Sharma and Abdul Hakim Ansari). We are thankful to Principal Apte Madam, Teachers of Samarth Vidyalay, Team Ashwamedh Members and Volunteers for supporting the lecturers. Special thanks to Betsy Varghese and Jitendra Patel. 
   On 6th Oct 2018, Mrs. Supiya Lokre Madam (former Principal of Samarth Vidyalay) blessed the Certificate Distribution event to congratulate students who completed course successfully. After the event we distributed Chocolates to them and said Goodbye with moist eyes. Students have been attentive and supportive throughout the course. 

Please note, we don't charge any fees for our Certificate Courses under project Aakaar. Thanks to donors like you who help us to continue our work smoothly without bothering about the expenses occurring during our educational projects and activities. Keep supporting Ashwamedh Foundation. New Donors who want to Donate to Ashwamedh Foundation can visit our website and contribute by donating at the Bank Details given under Donate page of that website. 

                Let's conquer our World through love.