Project Aakaar Session 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation: Session No. 9 - Financial Literacy

Project Aakaar Session 2018 by Ashwamedh Foundation: 

Session No. 9 - Financial Literacy

Place: Mulinche Samarth Vidyalay

Date: 22/09/2018

Time: 11:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m

Topic: Financial Literacy

Lecturer: Mr. Jatin Shah, Founder & CEO;  Falcon Wealth Solutions 

Supported by Abdul Hakim Ansari, Sneha Sharma and Betsy Varghese

Details: Mr. Jatin Shah taught basic concepts of Personal Finance to Girls today. 
He started from Evolution of Money and went on to explain concepts like Savings, Investment, Financial Goal, Plastic Money, Online Money Trasnfer, Banks and their Operations etc. 

Ashwamedh Foundation is thankful to Mr. Jatin Shah for taking time out from his busy schedule to teach children basics of Financial Literacy. 

We are thankful to all the donors who donated to PROJECT AAKAAR 2018. 
We request you to keep supporting Ashwamedh Foundation. 

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