Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 12

Project Ankur by Ashwamedh Foundation Lecture no. 12

 Lecture no. 12 was taken by Abdul Hakim Ansari and Blessy in which they taught Students about Non-Living things and Jumbled words. Students played dumbsharaz in the end of the lecture. 
Project Ankur focusses on Basic Literacy of Students of 5th to 7th Std. We focus on their reading and writing skills, English and also help them in other subjects. Building the strong foundation for academics is the main purpose behind it. You too can become volunteer for the same or contribute to the Project Ankur by small donations. Blessy Varghese is Project Coordinator for Project Ankur. Sneha Sharma is Operations head and this project is Monitored and evaluated for its 'Impact analysis' by Abdul Hakim Ansari Co-founder and Trustee of Ashwamedh Foundation