Birthday Celebration of Neel Pandurangi at Vakola based orphanage organized by Ashwamedh Foundation


 On 23rd Oct 2017, Abhishek Pandurangi, a professional lawyer and a volunteer of Ashwamedh Foundation celebrated Birthday of his son Neel with children of Vakola, Santacruz based NGO. This Birthday party was organized by Ashwamedh Foundation. Team Ashwamedh Foundation members Abdul Hakim Ansari, Sneha Sharma, Jitendra Patel and Blessy Verghese helped in the arrangements of this Birthday Party. Hakim and Sneha also carried out Talent Show for kids on the same day. Many children participated in Singing, Dancing, Drama and Drawing competition. Videos are available on our Facebook Page. Sharing some photos here. On this day Abhishek gifted a Guitar to NGO kids.