First Interview of Ashwamedh Foundation

Ashwamedh Foundation has been working in Child Education & development sector since 2012.
On 26th March 2017, Mr. Vinayak K Waghmode took an Interview of Ashwamedh Foundation team for his Individual Social Responsibility Project (ISR Project) of Welingkar Institute of Management.

Founder & President Mr. Deepak Doddamani told brief history about history of Ashwamedh Group and Ashwamedh Foundation. Operations head & Spokesperson of Ashwamedh Foundation Ms. Sneha Sharma explained about the Activities and Projects of Ashwamedh Foundation. She thoroughly explained flagship Programs - Project Ankur & Project Aakaar. Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari replied on the Constraints we face during Operations. He emphasized on - Scarcity of Funds, Slow Legal Procedures and requirement of NGO Centres. Jitendra Patel put light on  ways of donating to Ashwamedh Foundation. Any Cash donation above Rs 10K is taxable now. We anyhow focused on taking donations via Cheques or NEFT Transfer. Jitendra also emphasized on donating Ashwamedh Foundation for it's Projects on CrowdFunding websites like Ketto and Milaap. In the end Mr. Deepak Doddamani gave a motivating message for the youth of our country.  He appealed to to youth to come out and work on Grass root level instead of reacting on social issues on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Vinayak also asked Volunteers about their experiences about working with Ashwamedh Foundation.

On 27th March 2017, published post 'Story of Deepbaazigar; Founder of Ashwamedh Group' on their website. This edited interview came out at the time we were celebrating 1000+ views on the post which created awareness about the work of Ashwamedh Group, particularly Ashwamedh Foundation