Visit to CSR Show & NGO Expo 2016 by Team Ashwamedh Foundation

VISIT To CSR Show & NGO Expo 2016 by Team Ashwamedh Foundation

Ashwamedh Foundation visited NGO Expo in World Trade Centre Mumbai on 30th August 2016. 
Founder & President Mr, Deepak Doddamani  shared some posts on his FB Timeline. Sharing few of them here.

Met 'Auto Raja' yesterday. An auto-rickshaw driver turned Social Worker of Bangalore who runs Home of Hope for destitute under his The Ark Mission. 
He is doing the most difficult job.He works for dying destitute. His work is really big and he is nothing less than God if you consider the number of lives he has saved and transformed. We had very short conversation with him but the line which stuck my mind was - "I was finding it difficult to even feed my family in past and now I am feeding 600 people; when you work for humanity God takes care of your family. You don't have to worry." 

There was one stall of Kasturi Trust who runs NGO schools in Hyderabad. Spoke to COO of this trust during NGOExpo. What he said was like - "We run 4 Eklavya Schools in Hyderabad. Unfortunately Govt. doesn't distinguish between Private schools and NGO schools.Getting Govt. recognition for our Schools was very difficult task. They are insensitive and corrupt people. As Operations Head I spend more time with government than our schools. That's the worst thing you too will face in future when you will run some NGO school"

Surprisingly a 3 year old (just like us) NGO had it's Stall in NGO expo. A 'Navodaya Movement' from Kalyan which works for Transgenders. I was curious to know how he raised so much funds and showed courage to participate in the NGO expo. His Answer was - You will always find Transgenders financially sound. There struggle is for gaining Social acceptability and respect in Society like any other Citizen. Money is not an issue for us.
And I pointed out towards the pic saying "Yes, I know her. She is famous activity Laxmi Tripathi"
He said " Yes, she is also associated with us."
I said "A big boss contestant"
And he laughed with all his heart.

Vajreshwari based 'Prasad Chikitsa' had it's Stall in NGOExpo. After the long conversation we reached a topic of 'Blood Group determination camp'..
He told us that they do Blood Group determination in just ₹ 25 /- that too using machines (analyser which tests for aneamina too). And we were thinking how we spend ₹ 45/- per student in Blood Group determination camp done by us in Santacruz. Vajreshwari is Aadiwasi area so it's quite possible that they work with very low margin of profit. But good that we realized what the 'No profit No loss' cost of Blood Group testing is.

Jitendra: 50 - 60 lakhs per year by Private trust??
Me: There company has turnover of 8 - 10 Cr.
Jitendra: I watched one more Annual report. They spent some 11 Cr in CSR this year.
Me: There total turnover will be in the range of 100 -150 Cr. 
Now just imagine about Large Cap companies who has total turnover like 500 - 1000 Cr. How much they might be spending on their CSR? 
Minimum 2% of Total profit is the Law. But they spend much more than that.

Jitendra : That's too much Sir.
(a conversation between me and jitendra. Just to explain him the total turnover of this Industry where behind every 600 people there is one NGO in india )

At Ketto stall in NGO Expo 2016 
He: Who is your relationship manager? 
Me: Ameira 
He: She is not well. She is not coming to office from last few days. 
Me: Ohh. ok.. but that doesn't have any connection with 'Support to campaign' on Ketto, right? 
He: Per day 500 people should watch the campaign then only it will gain some support. 
Me: We 12 people shared the campaign on our Facebook , Twitter & Whatsapp. We have FB groups and pages where 1000+ people are present. Tell me isn't it enough traffic for Campaign on Ketto? 
He: That's pretty good. Then you must play with words. Your appeal should be more focussed towards the 'Support to social cause:' than raising the funds. 
Me: Those who follow our work Donate us directly. They won't donate us through Ketto CrowdFunding platforms. Our work speaks when it comes to our close circles. I was using Ketto for outer circle. It's not working. 
He: Then you must add some money to it by yourself; so more funds will come when some funds are visible there (Teaching me Manipulation technique).Many people do it. 
Me: Then whats the credibility of Ketto? 
There should be genuine supporters and donors on your platform, then only it will be more beneficial for Small NGOs like us. 
He: You are right Sir. But now as you said your current Campaign in ending soon. You should take some appropriate actions right? 
Me: See, I don't want to say Ketto is Myth. I have read many success stories. We just don't want to become failure story of Ketto platform. That's what my concern is. 
He: (very emotionally); Sir ; you give me your Card. I will personally look into your next Social Campaign on Ketto. 
Me: (giving him my V-card) Sure. Thanks.

Visited #NGOExpo2016 with Team Ashwamedh Foundation yesterday. It was great learning experience to all of us. Very Inspirational and Educational visit. Good to see the work in the Social sector carried out by several NGOs across India. I hope Govt. understands the importance of NGO industry and helps us to do more such work in future too.