Women's Health Day.

On the Occasion of 'Women's Health Day' Ashwamedh Foundation organized a medical camp
for girls in the age group 12-16 years.
This event was carried out in Street School run by Umang Foundation, Santacruz.
the camp was related to 'Thyroid Testing'.
Iodine is an important constituent in the food. Deficiency of Iodine in body as well as if excess intake,
both have bad effects on the body.
Dietitian Tanvi Ghadavale,Krithika Sathya measured iodine intake level of these girls using skin fold measurement, palpation,24hrs Diet record etc.
Rajendra Balsara and Abdul Hakim Ansari of team Ashwamedh Managed this event with the help of Fatima teacher of Umang Foundation. We thank all the Dietitian who took their time for this activity from their busy schedule of internship.