Bird Rescue

                                         BIRD RESCUE

Abdul Hakim Ansari treated a wounded pigeon and cured it. Bird has ate the food and drank water, hopefully it's broken wing will get healed soon and it will start flying again. 

Recap: Abdul Hakim Ansari was coming to my home at Virar.He saw a badly wounded pigeon in our building on staircase. Due to broken wings it could not fly, and was able to walk hardly due to weakness.Hakim informed me about it after reaching my home. We decided to treat that bird immediately. Hakim picked it up and brought in my home. I applied some turmeric on it and fed some rice danas and water. We kept it in corner of our terrace where it rested for some time. Meanwhile Hakim tried to call Karuna NGO Virar to seek some teramycin to apply on its wound but no one picked up phone. We waited till evening and made good friendship with bird which then allowed to treat it better without any resistance. Abdul mixed a drop of water in turmeric powder and again applied it carefully on its wounds. Now it was difficult decision whether to keep it at home or allow it to go out of the balcony. And we completely left it on the bird. We just opened the slidewindows and kept it there. It felt open air, observed other birds flying outside and with increased morale slowly walked towards its own world. On another side of Window it found a safe place and sat there till night. In night it went somewhere beyond my eyesight. But in the morning I saw it sitting at the same place again but now with some more pigeons. I kept some rice outside and closed the window saying good bye to it. It's health is much better now and will be able to fly in a day or two. As a gratitude to the kindness of Abdul Hakim Ansari I named it as 'Super Kabutar Abdul Krissh'. Good work Hakim, we are proud of you.