Ashwamedh of the year 2016-17 - Ms. Sneha Sharma

Ashwamedh of the year 2016-17 - Ms. Sneha Sharma

Congratulations to Ms.Sneha Sharma for bagging "Ashwamedh Of The Year 2016-17" prize for becoming the 'Best Performer of Ashwamedh Foundation' of the Financial year 2016-17. Ms. Sneha Sharma joined Ashwamedh Foundation on 7th Dec. 2014 as Volunteer for 'Dengue Awareness camp'. She became Project Coordinator for 'Project Ankur' in June 2015 and then Operations head in Nov. 2016. She is also the Spokesperson of Ashwamedh Foundation &a Key Member of Ashwamedh Group. Sneha is the best performer of FY 2016-17. She completed Project Ankur and the Project Aakaar as Project Coordinator. Hakim and she Trained Volunteers Rohini, Joshua and Onkar for Social Activities and Projects. She raised Funds from her Friends for Project Ankur through Ketto crowdfunding platform. Sneha was instrumental in getting access in Sathey college and then carrying out Daan Utsav 2016 there. In Diwali Volunteer meeting Team Members chose her as 'Operations Head' of Ashwamedh Foundation unanimously. She started her next inning with AIDS Awareness activity on 1st December. Recently she successfully ran Online campaign on 'World Women's Day' when more than 60 people shared their pics taken with 'Most important Woman' in their lives with Ashwamedh Foundation for our Facebook and Twitter campaign. Team Ashwamedh proudly announces her as the Winner of Best Performer of the Financial year 2016-17' and declare her as 'Ashwamedh of The Year 2016-17' Congratulations Sneha !!!

Ashwamedh Of the Year
Fy 2011-12 : Anant Chavan (AKM)
Fy 2012-13 : Jitendra Patel (AKM)
Fy 2013-14 : Rajendra Balsara (AFT)
Fy 2014-15: Jitendra Patel (AFT)
Fy 2015-16: Abdul Hakim Ansari (AFT)
Fy 2016-17: Sneha Sharma (AFT)

Congratulations Sneha Sharma !
We are really proud of you.


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